The Ten Modern Conveniences That Have Improved Our Lives the Most

It’s easy to forget how much easier life is because of modern technology.  And according to a recent study, it saves the average person 51 minutes a day . . . or about 13 entire days a year.

Researchers asked 2,000 people to name the top inventions that have improved our lives the most.  According to the results, here are the top ten modern conveniences . . .

1.  Washing machines.

2.  Refrigerators.

3.  Smartphones.

4.  Online banking.

5.  Laptops.  (Wait, online banking is more important than computers?)

6.  Wireless internet.

7.  Microwaves.

8.  Dishwashers.

9.  GPS.

10.  Things like Keurig coffeemakers.




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