Since Mother’s Day is Sunday, a survey asked 2,000 Americans which actress they’d like to play THEIR mother in a movie.

And apparently, award nominations are important to a lot of people, because MERYL STREEP is #1.  Here’s the Top 20:

1.  Meryl Streep

2.  Sally Field

3.  Julia Roberts

4.  Jennifer Lopez

5.  Angelina Jolie

6.  Oprah Winfrey.  Sadly, she had a son when she was only 14, but he died after a premature birth.

She never had any other children.

7.  Jennifer Aniston . . . and as every tabloid reminds us every week, she hasn’t had any kids.

8.  Michelle Obama . . . who isn’t even an actress.

9.  Melissa McCarthy

10.  Queen Latifah . . . who doesn’t have kids.

11.  Catherine Zeta-Jones

12.  Annette Bening

13.  Julianne Moore

14.  Mandy Moore . . . She doesn’t have kids, and she’s also the youngest person on the list.  She’s 35, so since this is a survey of “adults,” they’re probably fixated on the older version of her “This Is Us” character.

15.  Courteney Cox

16.  Octavia Spencer . . . who doesn’t have kids.

17.  Hilary Swank . . . who doesn’t have kids.

18.  Kristen Bell . . . who’s 38 years young.

19.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus

20.  Susan Kelechi Watson . . . who you’d know from the shows “Louie” and “This Is Us”.  She’s 37, and doesn’t have any kids of her own.

Meanwhile, 27% said that no one can play their mom but mom herself, which is sickeningly sweet.

(You can see some other results from the survey here.)

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