The Top Five Issues with Our Car That We’re Currently Ignoring

If your “check engine” lights come on, what do you do?  Take it straight to the shop, or ignore it for a while and hope it turns off?

A new survey found 1 in 7 drivers are currently driving around in a car that potentially has a serious issue.  And 29% of people who’ve had their “check engine” light come on have waited over a MONTH to get it looked at.

The average car has three things that aren’t working the way they should.

Here are the five most common car issues we’re currently ignoring . . .

1.  A rattling sound.  17% are currently ignoring it.

2.  Brakes that squeak or grind, 15%.

3.  The “check engine” light is on, also 15%.

4.  A cracked windshield, 14%.

5.  A leak coming from somewhere under the car, 14%.

The survey also found 28% of us have talked to our car while driving it . . . 32% have thanked it for getting us somewhere in one piece . . . and 19% of us drive around with a lucky charm in our car.

(NY Post)