We mostly tell kids to listen and do what they’re told, but not always.  2,000 parents were asked to name the top decisions their kids get to weigh in on.  Here are the ten most common ones . . .

1.  How to decorate their own room.  Seems fair.

2.  What to have for dinner.

3.  What to watch on TV.

4.  What games or board games to play.

5.  What movie to go see.

6.  Which toppings to get on a pizza.

7.  The junk food you buy at the grocery store.

8.  Choosing a restaurant.

9.  What to listen to in the car.  (Pick THIS station, kids!)

10.  Which presents to buy other family members.  Also, where to go on vacation just missed the top ten.  It makes sense that one is popular, or places like Disney World wouldn’t exist.