The Top Ten Ways People Use Their Dogs to Spot Red Flags in Their Dates

Next time you’re dating someone and they introduce you to their DOG for the first time, just know your entire relationship future hinges on how you treat it.

A new survey found two-thirds of dog owners say their dog plays a huge part in their relationships . . . and 57% wouldn’t date someone their dog didn’t like.

The survey also found people use their dog to spot red flags.  Here are the 10 most common ones . . .

1.  The person is jealous over the attention I give to the dog.

2.  They’re too rough with the dog.

3.  They don’t show any interest in my dog or ignore it.

4.  They want to put my dog in a separate room when we’re hanging out.

5.  They get angry when I can’t go somewhere because I have to take care of my dog.

6.  They never pet my dog.

7.  They tease my dog.

8.  They don’t show an interest in my dog’s health.

9.  They say my dog smells.

10.  They call my dog overweight or ugly.

(Yahoo News)



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