If you’re stressed out at work, you need a vacation . . . and ideally, NOT to a place that JUST AS STRESSFUL as work.

There’s a new report out on the world’s most stressful tourist traps.  It looked at over 80 popular tourist destinations, and analyzed visitor reviews . . . looking for negative words like “overrated,” “tourist trap,” and “underwhelming.”

In the end, the #1 most stressful tourist trap was Times Square in New York.  (Which is definitely NOT a chill place to be.)  The Hollywood Walk of Fame in California is #8.  Those were the only two American places on the list.

The rest of the 20 most stressful include:  Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin . . . the Eiffel Tower in Paris . . . the “Little Mermaid” sculpture in Denmark . . . the Blue Lagoon in Iceland . . . the London Eye . . . the Guinness Storehouse in Ireland . . . the Louvre Museum in Paris . . . and the Colosseum in Rome.

On the flipside, Lake Caumasee in Switzerland is the world’s most RELAXING tourist hotspot, followed by Uluru (or Ayers Rock) in Australia.

(Preply.com has the report, including the full Top 20.  Times Square was also on a recent list of the most overrated tourist attractions in America.)

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