Believe it or not, the XFL kicks off next month . . . and yesterday, the league released some rules that will differentiate it from the NFL.

The biggest change is that there won’t be an extra point kick.  Instead, there are three options after scoring a touchdown.  You can try to score from the two-yard line for 1 point . . . from the five for two points . . . or from the 10 for three points.

Offenses will also be allowed to throw two forward passes . . . as long as the second is still behind the line of scrimmage.  In the NFL, you can only throw two passes if the first is a lateral.

Perhaps the most intriguing difference is the overtime structure, which is MUCH better than the NFL’s, where a single possession can win, or the game can end in a tie.

In the XFL, it’s a “shootout,” where both teams get five one-play possessions to score from the five-yard line.  Whichever team converts more wins.  And if they tie, then they keep doing alternating attempts until one team converts more.

(The XFL has a video explaining their new rules, here.  The part about the double forward pass is 40 seconds in . . . the part about the extra points is at 1:22 . . . and the overtime part is at 3:10.)