Heat stroke can hit anyone in summer, but DOGS have an even higher risk.  They only have sweat glands in their feet, and their main way of cooling down is by panting.  So it’s easy for them to overheat.

According to the chief veterinarian at Petco, dogs with these four features are the most susceptible . . .

1.  Flat faces.  Dogs with short snouts tend to have narrow airways, so it’s harder to breathe and pant.

2.  Long hair.  It’s like wearing a sweater.  So a summer haircut might be in order.

3.  Young and old dogs.  They’re more at risk than dogs in the prime of their life.

4.  Dogs that are overweight or have other preexisting conditions.

Even breeds without those features can get heat stroke.  But she says the ones at the highest risk are bulldogs, boxers, pugs, Boston terriers, shih tzus, chow chows, huskies, and golden retrievers.

The top signs your dog is too hot are excessive panting, drooling, deep or rapid breathing, weakness, vomiting, and looking disoriented.

Here are her main tips for keeping your dog safe this summer . . .

1.  Always have water available.

2.  Don’t leave them outside for too long, and make sure there’s shade.

3.  Don’t walk them mid-day.

4.  NEVER leave them in your car, even if it’s parked in the shade.

(Fox News)

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