Can you name something that used to be really common but just sort of vanished over time?  Someone asked Reddit . . .

1.  Those shoes with wheels in them.  They’re called Heelys, and they’re still around.  They’re just not as huge as they were.

2.  Prizes in cereal boxes.  Some still do it.  But they’ve mostly switched to QR codes where you get a link to a mobile app.

3.  “Picture-in-picture” as a feature on TVs.  It was a huge deal to be able to watch two things as once.  Now everyone’s watching TV while also using their computer AND their phone.  So who cares?

4.  Voiceovers in movie trailers.  It seems like none of them have one now.

5.  Paid lunch breaks.  “Nine to five” used to mean eight hours, and you got a break in the middle.  But a lot of companies switched to “nine to six” at some point, and everyone just took it on the chin.