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TSA’s Weirdest Catch Last Year Was Someone with . . . a Meth Burrito

The TSA just released their annual list of their “Top 10 Catches” from last year.  And while there’s the usual assortment of guns and other weapons, one item really stands out . . .

Someone tried to fly out of Hobby International Airport in Texas with . . . a “meth burrito.”  (???)  That’s exactly what it sounds like:  Crystal meth, inside a breakfast burrito.  (And believe it or not, this isn’t the first time it’s happened.  We covered a DIFFERENT meth burrito back in 2016.)

Some of the other strange things the TSA found in 2021 include:  Bullets inside deodorant . . . a meat cleaver . . . a chainsaw . . . a “firearm belt buckle” . . . and a wine holder, shaped like a gun.

Of course, these are just the strangest ILLEGAL things they confiscated.  They surely found some even WEIRDER stuff when they were digging through bags trying to figure out what was flagging their security scans.

By the way, the TSA also confiscated nearly 5,700 firearms at checkpoints in 2021.  That’s the highest number ever recorded in a single year since the agency’s inception.

(TSA put out a video with images of everything in their Top 10.)

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