A 30-year-old guy named Justin Carter in Louisville, Kentucky robbed a Raising Cane’s fast food joint on Saturday night.  At the time, the restaurant was basically empty . . . there was just one couple sitting at a table in the back.

But they happened to be off-duty cops.

Chase McKeown and Nichole McKeown are both on the police force in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  Saturday was their date night, and they decided to get some chicken fingers.

And when they realized the guy at the register had a gun and was robbing the place, they both jumped into action.

From the surveillance video, you can see them both get up, pull their weapons, and take different paths toward the register.  Justin saw them and took off running out of the store . . . and they ran after him.

They caught him a few blocks away and held him until a few on-duty cops came to arrest him.  He was charged with robbery, receipt of stolen property, and a felon in possession of a gun.

(Fox 41 – Louisville)