We Spend $2,429 on Impulse Purchases Each Year . . . and Regret a Lot of Them

Impulse shopping is dangerous, especially right after payday.  And a new study looked at how much the average person spends on stuff they don’t need . . .

The average American now spends $2,429 a year on impulse purchases, according to the survey.  Or just over $200 a month.  And we buy about half the stuff online now.  The top website for impulse buys is . . . yep, Amazon.

The five most common impulse purchases we make these days are clothing . . . food . . . shoes . . . drinks at bars . . . and jewelry.  Gadgets, video games, and event tickets also made the top ten.

76% of us REGRET some of the impulse buys we make.  And it only takes an average of nine hours before we start feeling guilty.

The top impulse buys we end up regretting include clothes we don’t need . . . food and drinks we order out . . . expensive gadgets . . . shoes . . . CHEAP gadgets . . . vacations . . . video games . . . and too many Uber rides.

56% of us have hidden an impulse purchase from our family or friends, because we were embarrassed about it.

And the top things that prompt impulse purchases are being on vacation . . . thinking of an upcoming event . . . peer pressure from friends . . . and boredom.


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