What To Say To Protect Your Time

It’s hard to say no to invitations, new projects, lunches — and only you can protect your time. Instead of saying “no” try some of the following:

Social Invitations

• That sounds like a good idea, but knowing my schedule, I won’t be able to follow through with it. Thanks for asking.

• I love that idea. Unfortunately, my family’s budget (or schedule) is maxed out at the moment, so we won’t be able to make it. Sounds great though.

Volunteer Work

• I love serving, but unfortunately my volunteer hours are already committed to another organization this month. Thanks for asking.

Work Requests

• I would love to help out, but I don’t have room for even one more project right now. Maybe next time.

• That sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I have several other priorities that I’m focused on right now, so that won’t work for me. Thanks for thinking of me though.

Everything Else

• How exciting! Honestly though, my schedule is so full that I’m trying to cut some things out and not add anything new. Have a great time.