Which Delivery Service Has the Most Attractive Drivers?

If you’re having something shipped to your home, the two biggest factors for most people are:  The WHEN and the HOW . . . as in timelines, and the condition of the package.

But for others, it’s the WHO . . . the HOTNESS of the delivery worker.  (???)

In a new survey, 1,000 Americans were asked which delivery service has the most attractive couriers.  40% said Amazon, which is #1.  UPS (17%) is second, followed by FedEx (11%) . . . DHL and USPS were tied at just 5%.

Some of it might have to do with the uniforms, since some people are into that.

37% of people said Amazon has the “hottest uniforms.”  UPS is second (29%), followed by FedEx (15%) . . . DHL (11%) . . . and finally USPS (7%).  (Anyone else surprised that people are into DHL’s rubber duck yellow?)

For what it’s worth, women said that UPS has the hottest uniforms.

The gig workers who handle FOOD deliveries don’t always have uniforms, but they were ranked as well.

Uber Eats drivers were voted the hottest.  DoorDash is next, followed by Postmates . . . Caviar . . . Instacart . . . Grubhub . . . Gopuff . . . and Shipt.

37% of Americans say they have fantasized about hooking up in a delivery driver’s truck, and 23% have attempted to seduce a delivery driver.  37% have flirted with their delivery driver, and 45% say a courier has flirted with them.

18% of Americans say they’ve kissed a delivery driver.  And 25% of delivery drivers admit that they’ve hooked up with someone on their delivery route.

And these delivery fantasies could be good for the economy.  35% of Americans claim they have ordered more frequently in order to see a specific delivery driver.

(Get Circuit)