Some songs celebrate the BEST in humanity . . . and others, not so much.

Author Tod Goldberg recently Tweeted his choices for the “worst people in the history of songs.”  And that got others Tweeting THEIR nominees.  Here are some of the best entries that came out of the thread:

1.  The couple in the Pina Colada song.  They deserve their pain.

2.  Everyone in Cat’s in the Cradle.  Get some therapy.  You’re ruining lives.

3.  The kids in Jeremy’s class weren’t great.

(From “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam.  WARNING:  This one contains profanity.)

4.  The guy who rode through the desert for God knows how long, and couldn’t even come up with a decent name for his horse.  (From “A Horse with No Name” by America.)

5.  Maxwell, of course:  A murderer with three confirmed kills by the end of the song . . . Don’t be fooled by the melodic earworm of the tune.  Maxwell was a monster.  (From “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” by the Beatles.)

6.  The couple in Don’t You Want Me seem pretty insufferable.

7.  Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon is not, in fact, a viable criminal defense.

8.  Lucille.  How could she leave her four hungry kids?  (From “Lucille” by Kenny Rogers.)

9.  The stalker in Every Breath You Take.

10.  The coach who wouldn’t put John Fogerty in Centerfield.

(Check out the thread here.  It’s from last July, but it’s LONG, and very entertaining.  Who would YOU add to the list?)