This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it’s interesting to see the actual data . . .

A new Pew Research report found young adults are taking longer to hit key milestones in their life, like their first job . . . first apartment . . . and first kid.

Here are a few milestones, and how many of us hit them by age 21 these days, compared to 1980.

1.  First full-time job.  64% had one by age 21 in 1980, compared to just 39% now.

2.  Financial independence, where you’re not relying on your parents anymore.  42% back then, and 25% now.

3.  First apartment.  62% had one by age 21 in 1980, compared to 51% now.

4.  Marriage.  32% were married by age 21, compared to just 6% now.

5.  First kid.  18% then, and 6% now.

(Pew Research)

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