Are you tired of taking the same old vacation year after year? The secret lies primarily in your element. Fire signs prefer hot places, like Jamaica or Mexico; earth signs prefer lush locations full of flowers, trees, and rolling meadows, such as northern Europe or the uppermost corners of America. Air signs like the mountains; and water signs prefer water anywhere.

• Aries prefer any place that’s hot

• Tauruses prefer a place that’s warm, pleasant, and comfortable

• Geminis like high places where you can see for miles around

• Cancers should go to any place near the ocean

• Leos prefer exciting cities in warm places

• Virgos like home sweet home, to catch up on housework and lawn & garden chores.

• Libras go for beautiful cities, churches, museums and monuments

• Scorpios prefer hidden places near water

• Sagittariuses are partial to sultry tropical islands with loads of discos

• Capricorns like old country villages with a history

• Aquariuses go for remote mountain areas

• Pisces prefer places associated with spiritual traditions, such as India, Egypt, Israel, Ireland, or Stonehenge

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